Family Farm

We had an emotional Father’s Day Weekend in our family. One of my aunts passed away recently and we had a celebration of her life on Saturday. The entire family got together, which is no small feat, because we have relatives in California, Indiana and Missouri. Everyone came together in Alta, Iowa as we remembered her.

Later in the day we went to visit my grandma and grandpa’s grave in a small cemetery near Alta. Their gravestones are next to many other of our family members that go back generations. It was very humbling to see so many graves and the history of our family.


This was the church where I attended my grandmother’s funeral in 2009.


These photos were taken at our family farm in Alta, Iowa. Visiting the farm brought back a lot of great memories of our family.


A few of our old family photos at the farm.



Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, including mine!



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