First Time Outside

Today was our first day outside. We got to check out the grass, meet a hummingbird, look for bugs, splash in the pool and eat floating kale in the water. I bought a short little fence to help me corral them and a new pool today and they both worked great.


They go crazy for kale in the water! It’s hard to get one in focus let alone two at the same time. They are so quick.


Because only two of my eggs hatched, I will be getting five more ducklings. The woman who gave us the eggs has five that are being cared for by their mom right now. It’s not a good time to separate them but eventually, they will move to our farm to make a flock of seven! Hopefully everyone will get along! 🙂

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  1. gardenfancyblog says:

    What cute ducks! 🙂 -Beth


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