Garden Journal 9/5/2018

Vacation. Nine whole days at home on a staycation. Not going to lie, it would be much better if the rain would stop but I am still enjoying the break. I tried to move or cancel all of my commitments this week to truly separate from it all.

I’ve done some biking, reading, errands and cooking. I’ve got a long list of things to get done but I am also trying to really enjoy this week and relax.

The flower field is still looking pretty good despite the fact that we are now in September and have had tremendous amounts of rain. The celosia is really coming into its prime.


The bees are all over my sedums. IMG_9115

I planted this Weigela bush this year and its growing great and even blooming. IMG_9116IMG_9119

My babies have grown up and don’t need me anymore! Just kidding. But they do walk down to the pond every day all by themselves now. Their blue wings look different depending on the angle and light. They range from teal to blue to purple.


You can see both the purple and the blue in the photo below.


And then there is Keeta.


I’m not really sure how much spaying her two weeks ago really slowed her down. As Ryan and I like to say, she is definitely something else. Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely celosia… I can imagine with the dahlias, etc. your garden is peaking. The ducks grew fast – I can just imagine them quacking amongst themselves as they wander down to the pond. 🙂 Keta is a cutie, even baring her pearly white fangs, hehe! Enjoy your week!


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