October Snow

We had our first frost and first snow here in southwest Iowa on Sunday, October 14.

I wonder how often the first freeze and the first snow coincide? Makes for some ghostly pictures of flowers. They look healthy and colorful but are definitely toast.

I’ve been in denial that this was coming but there is no denying it now. The stark white view out of our big windows says it all.


A little different than my first frost pictures from a few years ago. That year we had a really early frost and then it didn’t freeze again for weeks. It made me wish I had covered all of the flowers that one night.


Here is a comparison to a few weeks ago for contrast.

This is one of the really great oak trees on our property. It’s still full of green leaves which is why this picture looks so unique.


This is the first time the ducks have seen snow. I’m not sure what they think of it yet.


Did you have your first frost last night as well? Comment below!

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  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful shots! 68 degrees forecast for Thursday. I’m always in denial regarding first tastes of winter coming. But this year we picked all our “last bouquets”. Thankful this morning we did. Thanks for sharing!🌼


  2. That’s amazing with the beautiful flowers all covered in snow! What a gorgeous scene!


  3. gardenfancyblog says:

    Melissa, I can’t believe you had snow already — a week ago! We got a hard frost last night, which finished most of the flowers, but… snow…. However, that photo of the oak tree in the snow is really beautiful — maybe worth the early snow. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying a few sunny warmer days after that business, and that you and your family are well. Best, -Beth


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Thank you. Yes, it’s a beautiful tree. We are enjoying some nicer weather this week and weekend. Same to you and your family. – Melissa


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