The Ultimate Gift Guide for Gardeners

Most gardeners love it when the seed catalogs start to arrive in our mailboxes, showcasing all of the newest tools and most unique new seed varieties. It’s a season for reflection on the last year – what worked and didn’t, what you want to grow again and what you vow never to try again (eggplant for me). It’s usually when we start mapping out plant varieties, garden designs and wish lists for the next gardening season.

It’s also a great time to stock up on tools, supplies and books, items to make our lives a little easier or more beautiful in the next year. Here are twenty great gift ideas for the gardener in your life. I promise they will thank you.

Gifts for All Gardeners

Indoor Watering Can – There could not be a more attractive way to water your indoor plants than with this watering can. When watering indoors, it’s important to find a watering can with a very small nozzle for accuracy as nothing is worse than getting water all over the floor. This watering can looks perfect!

Floret Garden PuzzleThis puzzle by Floret Flowers looks amazing. Not only is the owner, Erin Benzakein, my idol for all things gardening but she is a genius with marketing and branding. This puzzle should make every gardeners wishlist.

Seed Organizer

  • Cute Seed Organizer – This organizer wins the cute award in my book. This would be great for a person who needs to keep their seed collection organized.
  • Practical Seed Organizer – For a more utilitarian seed storage option, check out these containers from Sterilite. They hold seed packets almost perfectly.

Garden Journal – This garden journal looks like a great way to keep track of a season’s significant events. It includes lined pages interspersed with inspiring quotes and beautiful botanical illustrations. From the day the daffodils are in full bloom to when we have our first frost, this is a great way to remember each memory in the garden.

Gardening Hat – A cute wide-brim gardening hat is a great gift for any gardener and would look great in a gardening gift set!

Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners 

Glass Greenhouse Ornament – Every gardener in your life would LOVE this glass greenhouse ornament. Give a special memory that your loved one can remember you by each Christmas as they decorate their tree.

Large Packet Seeds – My favorite seed brand is Botanical Interests because I can’t resist their packaging and I’ve always had good luck with their seeds. These large packet seeds would make a great gift for any gardener or snag a Beneficial Insect Welcome Seed CollectionThis seed collection from Botanical Interests looks perfect for someone in your life wanting to create their own butterfly garden!

Copper Plant Markers – These markers are a great way to track special varieties of perennials so that when you divide your plants and share with friends and family, you actually know the name of the variety. My dream garden would be filled with plant markers specifying the exact variety of each plant, so these make me drool.

Seed Savers Membership – Give the gift of membership to Seed Savers. Seed Savers is a non-profit organization based in Iowa with a goal of ensuring heirloom seeds are kept in our gardens and on our tables, for generations to come. The gift membership would show that the work of the seed savers matters!

Garden Cart

Large Gardening Gifts

Garden Cart – These garden carts make life so much easier. Hauling dirt and heavy ceramic pots around your yard can be very difficult but this cart makes it a breeze. The gardener in your life will love you for this!

Dream Plant Stand – If I could have any plant stand in the world, it would probably be this one. Have you seen anything more beautiful? I’ve been coveting this plant stand for years and would dare to believe that almost any gardener would love it.

Gifts for Kitchen Gardeners

Garden Hod – These are amazing for gathering fruits and vegetables from your garden. Hods are easy to carry, allow for washing and drying in the basket and allow you to carry your goods quickly from your garden to your house. 

  • Mod Hod – This is a modern take on the class hod from Gardener’s Supply Company. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and easily stacks for long-term storage in your kitchen.
  • Classic Hod – This beautiful traditional New England garden hod would make an excellent gift for any vegetable gardener. It also makes a great picnic basket.

Herb Drying Rack – If you have a herb queen or king in your life, they need this herb drying rack. Beautiful and functional, this simple rack dries six bunches of herbs.

Berry Bowl – These allow for easy berry washing right in your sink. Berries typically float in a normal bowl so these allow for speedy washing. Check out all of these artists on Etsy that make berry bowls or colanders.

Herb Scissors – These make chopping up herbs a breeze and come with a pick for easy cleanup. I’ve also used mine to finely cutup kale for soups.

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit – Now this looks interesting. I’ve never tried this but would be good for anyone who really loves mushrooms!

Gifts for Flower Gardeners

Flower Pruners – These are my favorite cut flower pruners/trimmers. They are spring loaded and make quick work dead-heading old flowers buds.

cut-flower-garden-bookFloret Flower’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms – The queen of cut flowers made a book and everyone needs it. “Grow the flower garden of your dreams. In this striking guide you will find everything you need to grow, harvest, and arrange stunning seasonal blooms. With equal parts instruction and inspiration, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden welcomes you into Erin Benzakein’s abundant, bloom-filled world, and is a feast for every flower lover’s eyes and soul.


The Flower Recipe Book – This book is unbelievably beautiful. “Flower arranging has never been simpler or more enticing. The women behind Studio Choo, the hottest floral design studio in the country, have created a flower-arranging bible for today’s aesthetic. Filled with an array of stunning, easy-to-find flowers, it features 400 photos, more than 40 step-by-step instructions, and useful tips throughout.”

The Flower Workshop


The Flower Workshop – Famous floral designer, Ariella Chezar, doesn’t disappoint. “Written by a celebrated floral designer and lavishly illustrated with full-color photography, this book provides step-by-step instructions for more than 45 stunning floral projects from simple to spectacular and equips you with the skills to customize arrangements at home.”


BONUS: If non of these grabbed your attention, you can always buy the gardener in your life another plant. Check out these six holiday plants that make great gifts. 

Melissa PetersonI hope you enjoyed this extensive gift guide geared toward helping you buy for the gardeners in your life. If you would like to learn a little more about me – read my bio or follow me on social media at The Blooming Farmhouse on Facebook, @thebloomingfarmhouse on Instagram and @thebloomingfarm Twitter.

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