Garden Journal 01/13/2019


Several inches of snow came down between Friday night and Saturday afternoon here in southwest Iowa. It made for some pretty views from our house.

Walking around our acreage is both a great way to get some exercise and it forces me to take a few moments to truly appreciate the beautiful place that we live. We are very blessed to live on the outer skirts of the Loess Hills.

“They are hills made almost entirely of windblown soils. Toward the end of the last ice age, winds picked up soils that had been ground as fine as flour and formed dunes along the ancient waterway that became today’s Missouri River. The process repeated itself during the thousands of years the ice age took to end, enlarging the dunes. Because the prevailing winds were from the northwest, the dunes on the Iowa side of the river were higher than those west of the Missouri.

​Today, the definition of a Loess Hill is a hill made of loess that is more than 60 feet in height; using that definition, about 640,000 acres of land in western Iowa constitute the Loess Hills landform.

Although deposits of loess are found across the world, nowhere else but China are those deposits higher than they are in Iowa.” – Visit Loess Hills

As for this Garden Journal, everything is sleeping here in Iowa. I follow some gardeners in California (and other warmer states) which remind me that not everyone is in a winter wonderland right now. They are fighting diseases and pests because they don’t get a winter break like we do.

I strongly believe that if it wasn’t for all four season, we would not appreciate everything that we have. An Iowa winter is natures time to cleanse our landscape. It gives us a break from bugs and disease, truly refreshing the earth to begin again in the spring.

The only activity going on are the Cardinals and Blue Jays on the bird feeders, an occasional deer passing through the yard and turkeys off in the distance.


Some scenes from around the farm.

Ryan has quite the wood pile stocked up for our wood-burning fireplace.


Our dog frequently passes by the window, doing laps around the house. Her face gets continuously more full of snow on each pass. Her joy makes you appreciate life and stop to enjoy the moment.


What’s going on in your garden?

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  1. carolee says:

    Snow-covered, like yours, but I’m catching up on reading and cleaning cupboards so it will be done before planting time! Beautiful photos.


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