Garden Journal 06/02/2019

It’s the beginning of June here on the farm. We’ve had lots of activity in the garden and many different visitors in the landscape. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on this week.

I’ve posted about these peonies before and have even made a very similar arrangement, but I’ll never get enough. Original to the house we bought just over two years ago, these guys are stunners every year.

Pink anemone herbaceous peony.

Types of Peonies
The American Peony Society has over 6500 cultivars in their registry with three main categories:

  • Tree peony (woody shrubs native to China)
  • Herbaceous peony (can flourish and flower in the same spot for 50 years or more)
  • Itoh or Intersectional peony (hybrid blend of herbaceous and tree)

Source: Garden Design.

White with burgundy accents full double herbaceous peony.

Some types of peonies have a single ring of petals, while other types have multiple rows of petals. Here is a list of the flower form types:

  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Full double
  • Japanese
  • Anemone
  • Bombs
Pink anemone herbaceous peony in front of a viburnum bush.

I could stare at them all day. There is just nothing else like peonies.

This bed is mostly original to the house with peonies, viburnum and smoke bush.
Smoke bush.

I made another arrangement using these plants again including peonies, viburnum, smoke bush, along with some penstemon and Russian sage.

The orchard and Baltimore orioles are back, along with cardinals, catbirds, nuthatch and goldfinch. They are loving the big feeder!

There are a few other things going on in the garden right now. This rose bush is also original to the house but hasn’t done much since we moved in. Last year we pruned it back really hard and it is now flourishing. How gorgeous is this white rose?

These perennial geraniums are wrapping up blooming.

Here is what they looked like one week ago.

I have a few different iris that were blooming last week and this week.

This iris was blooming last week.

These nine bark bushes that we planted last year are blooming and putting all kinds of new growth.

This honeysuckle is a big deal to the two hummingbirds that have been fighting over it and our hummingbird feeder the last few weeks.

Mr. Peaches follows me everywhere I go when I’m in the yard. Between him and Keeta, I have quite the following.

Mr. Peaches hanging out in front of the house.

What’s blooming in your yard?

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