Garden Journal 7/28/2019

We have definitely entered the high summer and the summer perennials are thriving. Last week it was brutal and in the 90s all week but this week we are seeing 70s and 80s. Thankful for this break in the heat for the RAGBRAI riders this week.

We’ve been at this house for two and a half years now. The plants I planted 1-2 years ago are really filling in great. I tried to add as many plants as possible this year to really have things really filled in by next year. I already can’t wait to see it. And the addition of the native plants is just a bonus. I’ve already seen so many butterflies in the yard this year!

Blazing star, gay feather or Liatris
Blazing star, gay feather or Liatris. I’ve been buying these up like crazy. Pollinators love them.
Purple cone flower.
Purple cone flower.
Purple cone flower.
Yarrow. Butterflies love these because they are big landing pads!
Butterfly milkweed
Butterfly milkweed.
Bupleurum setting seed
Bupleurum setting seed.
Mint that I planted last year.
The painted ladies are ALL OVER this mint plant.
Wild Golden Glow
I believe this is “Wild Golden Glow” that I purchased at a Master Gardener plant sale last year (unlabled).
Wild Golden Glow
Wild Golden Glow.

I haven’t taken many photos of the flower field this year. The zinnias are coming along nicely.

The butterflies love the zinnias!
Ironweed growing in the portion of our property that is hilly and we don’t mow.

I decided to plant cucumber on our retaining wall again this year but instead of planting it where the wall meets the grass, I planted it over the concrete slab. We were having a heck of a time mowing and not hitting the cucumber last year and this year its just fine!

Wall of cucumber plants.

I love how they are forming a green wall behind our patio area. I could get used to this!

Wall of cucumber plants.

I have found two Monarch chrysalis’ on the house. Both were a success! Glad to see they are hatching out, growing and thriving here without my help.

What’s going on in your yard right now?

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