Garden Journal 8/23/19

We went on a canoeing and camping trip on the Turkey River this weekend near Alpha, Iowa. We had a great time with friends and enjoyed spending time on the water. If I didn’t have to actually leave my house, I would camp all the time.

Just when I think things can’t possibly be any more beautiful, get some perfectly timed rain showers and things get even better. My passion flower vine is really starting to take off and I have several unbelievable blooms.

I came home to a Giant Swallowtail in the yard on Friday. I saw it as I was pulling in the drive way and I’m glad that nobody saw me crawl across my driveway with my camera (yes I did that). It was HUGE and it was the first one I have seen here on our farm. Their host plants are ornamental citrus, torchwood, wild lime, hoptree and other citrus relatives according to Butterflies of North America. I’ve also heard that they will host on Northern Prickly Ash.

These sunflowers are really making my overgrown flower field POP right now.

My original Rouen ducks and the parents of my smaller Rouens. They have quite the personalities and definitely let me know when its time to go to bed in the coop.

Everybody just finished molting so the males are growing in their pretty head feathers again.
Why it’s so hard to leave this time of year.

And last but not least, I am loving these garlic chives blooms.

What’s going on in your garden right now? Have you seen any unique butterflies?

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  1. Just gorgeous. That clear air and deep blue sky tells me you’re not experiencing the same humidity we are here in southwestern Indiana. I’ve been enjoying the fluttering butterflies as well, such welcome guests.


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    I had one of those swallowtails once in my yard several years ago, way out of its range here in MA. An unusual sighting.
    Your farm looks so lovely, no wonder it is hard to leave it!


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Thank you Eliza! That’s awesome that you had a rare sighting, that’s what my dreams are made of!


  3. susurrus says:

    The garden looks wonderful and the light is spectacular.


  4. Margarette says:

    Wonderful garden! I love the photos you have taken, they remind me of mine hometown where there was a small river where it was possible to borrow a canoe and swim. Beautiful moments! And those beautiful sunflowers…My mum grows them each year – those edible and ornamental ones. Since last year she is trying new variety of ornamental sunflowers from . They are in quite unusual colour and look amazing on the photos!


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