Harvesting Native Seed

Following our graduation and final Master Conservationist class, we headed out to the Hitchcock Nature Center trail system in search of native seed. We grabbed some paper bags and followed Michelle Biodrowski’s lead on how to find seed that was ready for harvest.

The native seed is used for prairie restorations and similar projects. At this event, we focused on forbs vs. grasses.

There were a lot of beautiful things that were blooming, but these were not ready to harvest yet but maybe in a few weeks.

This is the red version of ‘Snow on the Mountain.’
Beautiful views while gathering native seed.

We got to keep some native seed for our own gardens as well.

I spent a lot of my time collecting these prairie clover seeds.

There may be some additional seed harvest events if you would like to volunteer. Follow Hitchcock Nature Center on Facebook for details.

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