The Garden in Winter

It’s beautiful out today with a high of 45 degrees on this gorgeous February 1st. I’m itching for everything to turn green again, the smell of spring and the buzz of insects. Winter does wonders for my appetite for gardening as its come back in full force.

I make sure to leave all of my stems and plant debris out in the yard until spring. Native insects, birds and other creatures use them as habitat, food and a place to winter over.

I started getting into grasses late in the gardening season last year. The ones that I planted already look so amazing this winter. I decided as I was walking around today that I want some bright red stems in the winter garden so I’ll have to remember that this spring.

This is one of my favorite plants. It’s absolutely huge in the summer and the stems are full of native insects waiting for spring.

Unbelievable color in the winter garden.

Keeta, our Airedale Terrier, is a muddy mess right now but at least she is having fun.

Incase you are wondering about the ducks, they are alive and well. They survived another winter and are enjoying some sunshine today on the pond. They’ve been down at the pond for over a month, I don’t think they like to walk back and forth to the coop when there is snow on the ground but they have everything they need down on the pond.

I just love their little web-prints.

The chickens are also alive and well. These gals will be five years old come June. Out of the original 26, eleven are still hanging in there. They look amazing right now after their fall molt. They are my little beauties! Not so much good for eggs anymore. 🙂

And for anyone who things Keeta is just a beautiful little princess, here is proof that she is definitely not. This is a bone from a deer that she found in the woods. She finds these all the time and tries to bring them in my house. I don’t think so Keeta.

Hope you have all made it through the winter safe and warm!

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  1. Your blog is beautiful, and I’m going to add it to my reading list! I share your love of the garden in all seasons, including winter. I’m stopping by Midwestern garden blogs to invite folks to the Garden Bloggers Fling. This year, we’ll be in the Midwest–in Madison, Wisconsin–in June. You can find out more by visiting my blog, or google “garden bloggers fling.” (I didn’t want to insert a link because it might go to spam.) Invite your garden blogging friends, too!


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