Quarantine 2020

Well this is not exactly the year that I had planned. Since the Coronavirus spread to the United States, our lives have changed significantly. This has definitely been the weirdest spring of my 35 years!

I’ve been working from home for six weeks now and only have barely left my house since Friday, March 13.

Things I am enjoying about the quarantine:

  1. I have so much more time, from getting my commute time back to the efficiency of having all meetings in one place (my living room), I have so much extra time.
  2. I’ve been getting outside more and more… walking and gardening.

Things I am not enjoying about the quarantine:

  1. We are almost out of the toilet paper that we had before March 13.
  2. I miss seeing all of my coworkers, friends and family.

Ok, back to normal.

Here are some updates from the farm.

I’ve started lots of seeds… from native perennial plants to vegetables, I’ve got it growing on. I have also direct sowed some lettuce, kale, carrots, beets, radish, Swiss chard, and more. Additionally, I just purchased some pepper and tomato plants along with onion sets that I need to get in the ground. I’ve also started a little herb garden right by our back door.

Here is what my market garden leafy green bed has looked like in the past. I did something very similar again this year in this spot.

Ryan has been planted loads of trees again this spring including more red oak and burr oak. The trees are budding and our apple trees are just starting to bloom. I can already hear the bees in these apple trees trees.

Apple tree in spring.
Apple tree blooms.
Red bud tree in bloom.
Bleeding heart.
Wild golden glow.
Henbit deadnettle, a weed that I can’t pull because the bees are loving them.

I have quite a collection of agave plants. This is one of my favorites. I overwinter them in our sunroom (pictures below), barely watering them all winter. This weekend I pulled them all out onto the patio divided them and split off the baby plants and repotted them. My collection is getting really big!

Here is one of my biggest plants and a favorite.


We have eight Rouen ducks right now. Six males and two females (that is NOT enough females… for the record). After sleeping on the pond all winter, all of them sleep inside the coop with the chickens now. They all go to bed at dark every night.

We currently have two male Mallards that also sleep in the chicken coop. Lots of fighting over the females, I’ll be ready for this season to be over. 🙂

They all walk all over the yard on patrol, looking for bugs, all day long and are sooo distracting while I am working inside the house.

Rouens are domesticated Mallards, so the Mallards can fly and the Rouens can’t. The Rouens are quite a big larger too, but that doesn’t stop the male Mallards from going after the female Rouens.

The chickens are still hanging in there. I think they are either five or six years old. We have eight left of our original 26. Still laying plenty of eggs again now that the sun is out longer.

Mr. Peaches.

This weekend I cleaned our front porch and back sunroom. I moved out a bunch of houseplants into the front enclosed porch area. I think I should move my office out here, right?

Here is our back sunroom, also clean. I pulled all the house plants out and gave them a drink/wash from the hose, getting all of the dust off and freshening them up. I also re-potted a bunch of plants and then moved everything back inside.

I got this furniture off of Facebook Marketplace and I absolutely love it.

Or maybe I should move my office out here? 🙂

How are you all hanging in there during Quarantine 2020? Comment below!

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