Cabin in the Woods

Over Mother’s Day weekend, we met Ryan’s family on the property near our farm for a little grill-out at the cabin. This little plot of land is truly amazing.

Oak savannah in pasture.
Cabin in the woods.
Red chair on red wall.
Cabin in the woods.
Cabin in the woods.
Oak savannah in pasture.
This is the view from the cabin.
Truck parked with trees.
We mostly drive in and out to get to this spot.
Oak savannah in pasture.
Woodland Phlox in Lily of the Valley.
Woodland Phlox in Lily of the Valley.
Trees in the woods.
Blue Jay in the woods.
Blue Jay.
Trees in the woods.

While we were there, I spotted my first Monarch butterfly of the year. I was so excited I started pointing and yelling, nobody understood what I was pointing at. Ha!

I logged my sighting on both the North American Butterfly Association’s website and Journey North’s website. On Journey North, you can see your dot on the map showing their migration. At the time, I think my dot was the fourth dot in Iowa. View the updated map here.

I encourage you to report your sightings as well!

Monarch butterfly on milkweed.
This is one of my favorite Monarch photos from last year. Let the season begin!
Old gate in the woods.
Oak savannah in pasture ground.

After lunch Ryan’s dad and I went to check on some nearby cows. Several were just born and a few more are in the way. They are so cute!

Calf with mother.
One calf with two mothers.
Good mamas.

Happy gardening!


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