Raising Ducks Part 4

If you missed Raising Ducks Part 1, 2 or 3, make sure to check them out. In this post I wanted to give an update on all of the things we’ve learned since the last post. Male vs. Female You can now really tell the male from female ducks. The males turned completely gray, have…

Raising Ducks Part 3

If you missed Raising Ducks Part One or Two, make sure to check them out. Otherwise, to catch you up to speed, only two out of six eggs in the incubator hatched. We have been raising two ducks for several weeks now but I knew we should have a bigger flock. Last Sunday, we went…

First Time Outside

Today was our first day outside. We got to check out the grass, meet a hummingbird, look for bugs, splash in the pool and eat floating kale in the water. I bought a short little fence to help me corral them and a new pool today and they both worked great. They go crazy for kale…

Raising Ducklings Part 2

My sweet babies are now about nine days old now. They have been getting bigger and bigger by the day. They enjoy splashing around in this concrete bird bath one or two times per day. They especially like small chunks of kale floating around in the water. They go crazy for it! I might have…

Raising Ducklings Part 1

Several weeks ago we acquired six Blue Winged Teal duck eggs which we placed in an incubator on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Because duck eggs need turned multiple times per day, we went with an automated egg turner placed inside of the incubator which gently rocks back and forth throughout the day. During the first…

Garden Journal 6/2/2018

We kicked off June with some more heat. My leafy greens are doing amazingly well. I’ve got several kinds of lettuce and kale along with arugula, turnips, beets and swiss chard growing in this market garden style bed. My agave sure are happy right now! They thrive in the heat. I planted a few coreopsis…

Garden Journal 5/25/2018

After a cold and wet spring, we’ve jumped straight into summer here in southwest Iowa. On this memorial day weekend, we are expecting temperatures of nearly 100 for four days. I was able to to take the day off yesterday for some plant shopping and did some digging in the dirt when I got home….

Big Coop Before & After

Our new property came with a 600 sq. ft. poultry house that was built in 1950. We call this the ‘big coop’ or the ‘new coop’ because we already had one from our old house. We are now done with the exterior upgrade project. Some ‘before’ photos of the buildingIncluded in the project: 1. Re-build…

Spring on the Farm

Spring has fully arrived here on our farm. The weather has been unbelievable the last few weeks and we have all spent as much time as possible outside.

Our Chicken Feeder

My fiancé made this chicken feeder out of some wood and PVC pipe. The tall cylinders hold the food until they eat enough for it to shift down.

February Weather

It’s been 60 degrees here for the last few days in Southwest Iowa. I could definitely get used this beautiful weather and so could these ladies! They have been adjusting to the new acreage and a new bigger coop very well.

Brown Egg Layer Breeds

What are the best laying hen breeds? These are our experiences with six popular laying hen breeds that we purchased in June of 2015.