The Garden in Winter

It’s beautiful out today with a high of 45 degrees on this gorgeous February 1st. I’m itching for everything to turn green again, the smell of spring and the buzz of insects. Winter does wonders for my appetite for gardening as its come back in full force. I make sure to leave all of my…

Peaceful Night on the Farm

Tonight was one for the record books. It was about 70 degrees, sunny and no wind. My is my absolute favorite kind of night. We spent the entire evening enjoying the beautiful weather with a little yard party. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was invited. Here is a little video I made of the yard…

Spring on the Farm

Spring has fully arrived here on our farm. The weather has been unbelievable the last few weeks and we have all spent as much time as possible outside.

February Weather

It’s been 60 degrees here for the last few days in Southwest Iowa. I could definitely get used this beautiful weather and so could these ladies! They have been adjusting to the new acreage and a new bigger coop very well.

Brown Egg Layer Breeds

What are the best laying hen breeds? These are our experiences with six popular laying hen breeds that we purchased in June of 2015.

A Little Blue Coop (Before & After)

Last May we moved an old weathered cabin to our farm where it went through a transformation. It had “good bones” but needed a lot of repair and cosmetic improvements after years of neglect. We started with a new roof, structural reinforcements, new flooring, siding repair and replacement, new custom 6-pane windows with screens along with lots and…