Garden Journal 9/5/2018

Vacation. Nine whole days at home on a staycation. Not going to lie, it would be much better if the rain would stop but I am still enjoying the break. I tried to move or cancel all of my commitments this week to truly separate from it all. I’ve done some biking, reading, errands and…

Flower Arranging Workshop

This week I hosted a flower arranging workshop for my coworkers where I work full time as a Director of Marketing. I pitched the idea of the workshop to our wellness committee as a “mental’ wellness event because I think everyone can use a little extra time for themselves and to learn something new. I…

Flower Field Update

The zinnias look absolutely amazing right now and I could not stop taking photos the other night. I love the way the flower field looks with the blue coop in the background! Enjoy these beautiful pictures taken in the heat of August. What’s blooming in your cutting garden right now?

Flower Field Update

The flower field didn’t get planted until really late this year so it’s just now finally coming into bloom. Not going to lie, it’s pretty gorgeous out there right now. If you want to start your own cut flower garden, check out this post about my top flowers for cutting. “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from…

Starting a Cut Flower Garden in Iowa

Growing a garden for cut flowers is becoming more and more popular each year. I began planning my first cutting garden over four years ago and here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Check out a prior blog post on the top flowers for cutting here. Sunlight. You’ll want to pick a…

Jewel Bouquet

I wanted to try making a jewel-tone bouquet of deep reds. I pretty much have every color palette under the sun growing here at the farm… so why not give it a try. Featured in this bouquet are dahlias, zinnias, celosia, amaranth, gomphrena and then millet, basil, ornamental kale, love-in-a-puff and scented geranium for foliage….

Garden Journal 8/8/2017

The weather continues to be amazing with average temperatures around 80 this week. So nice to have a break from the hot, hot weather! Check out this amazing Nick Sr. dahlia that is red on top and yellow underneath. This is a very strong dahlia with strong stems and really good tubers.FimbriataZinniasZinniasDillArtemisia, a floral greenery….