Flower Field Update

The zinnias look absolutely amazing right now and I could not stop taking photos the other night. I love the way the flower field looks with the blue coop in the background! Enjoy these beautiful pictures taken in the heat of August. What’s blooming in your cutting garden right now?

Flower Field Update

The flower field didn’t get planted until really late this year so it’s just now finally coming into bloom. Not going to lie, it’s pretty gorgeous out there right now. If you want to start your own cut flower garden, check out this post about my top flowers for cutting. “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from…

The Swallow’s Nest

The June West Pott. Master Gardener meeting tonight was held at The Swallow’s Nest – Jayna’s Country Store & Gardens in Council Bluffs. We enjoyed listening to stories from the owners, held our meeting under the shade trees on the farm and then enjoyed a tour of their expansive vegetable and flower garden. It was…

How To: Grow Larkspur

Larkspur is what is called a hardy annual. They easily self seed year after year in the same patch and they are very cold hardy. They can be direct sowed very early in the season and sown in succession to have continuous blooms. Place seeds in the freezer for a few days before planting. Harvest…

Flower Field in September

Dahlias and celosia are the stars of the garden right now. It’s really fun to photograph across the four 100 ft. rows and find pretty layers in the shot. My favorite time to shoot is late in the day when the sun is almost gone. Happy gardening!

Garden Journal 8/13/2017

A few pictures from this weekend in the garden. So much beauty. The dahlias, cosmos, celosia and amaranth are stealing the show right now. What’s blooming in your garden?

Holland Festival

The garden is just way too beautiful right now not to take loads of photos. I went out tonight right before sunset to take photos and then make a big harvest. If you remember, Holland Festival is one of my favorite dahlias and I have a lot blooming right now. Enjoy! Have you ever had…

Garden Journal 7/31/2017

These are a few pictures of what is blooming in the cut flower field right now here at the end of July in Southwest Iowa. Zinnias Cosmos Scabiosa Queen Anne’s Lace Cosmos Amaranth Sunflower Scented GeraniumLisianthus Cleome Eucalyptus

Garden Journal 6/12/2017

This is the time of year that really tests my patience. Everything is planted in the ground and all I have to do is weed, water, weed and water even more.