Garden Journal 01/13/2019

Several inches of snow came down between Friday night and Saturday afternoon here in southwest Iowa. It made for some pretty views from our house. Walking around our acreage is both a great way to get some exercise and it forces me to take a few moments to truly appreciate the beautiful place that we…

Flower Field Update

The flower field didn’t get planted until really late this year so it’s just now finally coming into bloom. Not going to lie, it’s pretty gorgeous out there right now. If you want to start your own cut flower garden, check out this post about my top flowers for cutting. “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from…

Cormo Sheep

I’m sure you all remember my friend Libby from Libby’s Yarn Barn. She has English Angora rabbits, alpacas and now, Cormo sheep. Libby’s farm is about 20-25 minutes from ours but has a lot more animals! A cross between Merino and Corriedale sheep, Cormo is a fine wool like merino but area better suited for a humid…

June Landscapes

We finally had a nice break from all of the rain we’ve been getting recently. It was a beautiful weekend and not too hot. I’ve been enjoying hiking around the farm and seeing parts of the acreage that I haven’t checked out much yet. Since its the last weekend in June, I thought I would…

Sleeping Hummingbird

We have an amazing sunroom on the west end of our house that has huge picture windows facing both south and west. We’ve placed all of our bird feeders outside of these windows and it creates and unbelievable bird watching experience. We put our hummingbird feeder out last weekend after I saw my first hummer…

Flower Field in September

Dahlias and celosia are the stars of the garden right now. It’s really fun to photograph across the four 100 ft. rows and find pretty layers in the shot. My favorite time to shoot is late in the day when the sun is almost gone. Happy gardening!

Dinnerplate Dahlias

Dinnerplate dahlias are SO fun to grow. They are difficult to work into arrangements but look stunning alone in a vase. They take longer to bloom and have less blooms per plant but I think they are very worth the time and space in the garden. I absolutely love this color palette of creamy peaches,…

Dahlias at Dusk

The dahlia field is just unbelievable right now. I’ve been telling people that it peaks every day at dusk and here is some proof. The light during the last portion of ‘magic hour’ is gorgeous anywhere but here on the farm it’s at a whole new level. What do you think?

Hummingbirds & Honeysuckle

I noticed that some hummingbirds were attracted to our gorgeous honeysuckle bush right outside our sunroom.

My Favorite Cut Flower Garden Photos

I am so fortunate enough to live a beautiful, flower-filled life on our small acreage. This is a collection of my favorite flower field photos that I have captured so far.