Fall Container

I’ve never actually made a fall planter before. My first attempt includes mums, ornamental peppers, purple fountain grass and kale. When I bought the peppers they were green and purple and went with this color scheme a little better. The ice cream bucket leaks really bad so my fiancé thought I should use it as…

Round Succulent Planter

Succulents prefer well drained soil and plenty of sun. I used my Cactus mix and stuffed this pot full of little plants. These succulents are not hardy in Iowa so I will need to bring this pot indoors before our first frost. They will probably do best under grow lights indoors. I was able to try…

Planting Fall Bulbs

How to Plant Bulbs Using a Bulb Planter
1) Pull your plug
2) Drop in your bulb
3) Pull your next plug which forces the prior plug out of the top
4) Fill your whole with that pug