Garden Journal 7/28/2019

We have definitely entered the high summer and the summer perennials are thriving. Last week it was brutal and in the 90s all week but this week we are seeing 70s and 80s. Thankful for this break in the heat for the RAGBRAI riders this week. We’ve been at this house for two and a…

Flower Field Update

The zinnias look absolutely amazing right now and I could not stop taking photos the other night. I love the way the flower field looks with the blue coop in the background! Enjoy these beautiful pictures taken in the heat of August. What’s blooming in your cutting garden right now?

Frosted Flowers

The flowers were hauntingly beautiful yesterday morning. This short period of beauty did not last long. Everything is now mostly black and done for the year. Lots of not-so-beautiful work coming in the next few weeks. Have you had your first frost yet?

Monarch Butterflies

We’ve had several monarch butterflies stop by the farm on their way south. They sure seem to love Zinnias.